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          Many of my limited edition paper prints have long been sold out. However, I am now offering, a very limited number of giclée Canvas Reproductions on a few select pieces. There will be only 100 signed and numbered canvasses per edition and in some cases, only 50 signed and numbered canvasses . Like I mentioned, very limited!

          So if you become attached to any particular piece, you might want to order soon. I hope you enjoy my work.

Sincerely Sharon Anderson          

Across the Ridge
A New Beginning
A Quiet Place
A Watchful Eye
By Home Fires
Cabin Fever
Courtship Ritual
Decoy Mallards
Easy Pickins

First of the Season
First Snow Pheasants
Frogs, Snails & Puppydog Tails
Golden Memory
His Legacy
Maybe Next Year
Midnight Trio
Midnight Wolf
Morning Miss
Lone Wolf

Morning Chill
No Trespassing
October Hunt
On Alert
Open Invitation
Sky Watcher
Tension at Dawn
The Deer Hunter
The Duck Hunter
The Golden Years

Originals & Limited Edition Prints

          I offer 3 different types of Limited Edition prints. Lithograph prints, Giclée Paper prints and Giclée Canvas Reproductions.

          Lithographs are printed on acid free paper using stayfast inks. With the lithography process, my artwork is converted to film and then transferred onto aluminum printing plates. Each primary color; black, blue, yellow and red; has a separate plate of the image. The ink is distributed onto the plates and then onto paper through a series of rollers. The paper must be perfectly aligned to the four color plates or the image will appear out of focus and the color will be wrong.
          The human eye blends the dots of the four individual colors into the colors and shades of the original artpiece.
          Giclée (pronounced jhee-clay or zhee-clay) prints are digital inkjet prints on either acid free paper or high quality canvas.
          My giclée prints are made using pigmented inks which are far mor stable and fade resistant than die inks. A giclée print using pigmented inks has a color permanence rated to last at least 100 years.
          The giclée process literally blends the colored inks as it prints to produce seamless, highly detailed prints of stunning color. The papers and canvas types used are specially coated to make the substrates surface more receptive to pigmented inks.
          To display correctly, Giclée Paper prints need proper matting and backing before framing. However, the Canvas Reproduction prints are clear coated after printing and stretched on wooden bars. I take care of this personally to ensure the highest quality. No matting or glass are necessary on this type of reproduction. A frame with a deep rabbet is all that is necessary to display your limited edition canvas. Except for the size difference and the edition numbers, the canvas reproduction looks as if to be an original painting.

Number Name Print Type Edition Size Available Price
005 Across the Ridge Lithograph
Giclée Paper
Giclée Canvas Reproduction
002 A New Beginning Lithograph 650 SOLD OUT
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 85 ?X?
070 Anticipation Lithograph 350 1 $500.00
003 A Quiet Place Lithograph 950 95 $125.00
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 90 ?X?
071 At the Salt Lake Lithograph 350 SOLD OUT
079 Autumn Red
004 A Watchful Eye Lithograph 500 35 $95.00
006 Big Ideas Lithograph 1000 SOLD OUT
007 Birchbark Grouse Lithograph 350 SOLD OUT
008 Boot Camp Lithograph 620 SOLD OUT
009 By Home Fires Giclée Paper 450 380 ?X?
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 98 ?X? ?X?
010 Cabin Fever Lithograph 350 6 $150.00
012 Courtship Ritual Lithograph 650 14 $125.00
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 83 ?X?
013 Decoy Mallards Lithograph 600 181 $125.00
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 97 ?X?
015 Easy Pickins Lithograph 500 SOLD OUT
Giclée Paper ? ? ?X?
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 50 50 ?X?
016 Embarrass River Woodie Lithograph ? SOLD OUT
018 Faint Expectations Lithograph 350 SOLD OUT
017 Fast Break Lithograph 750 SOLD OUT
019 First of the Season Giclée Paper ? ? ?X?
Giclée Canvas Reproduction ? ? ?X?
020 First Pass Mallards Lithograph 250 SOLD OUT
021 First Snow Pheasants Lithograph 250 SOLD OUT
Giclée 50 47 ?X?
039 Fleeting Glance Lithograph 700 SOLD OUT
022 Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails Lithograph 2,300 SOLD OUT
Artist's Proofs Lithograph 210 3 $250.00
072 Golden Memory Lithograph 195 1 (#162) $250.00
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 50 43 ?X?
023 His Legacy Lithograph 650 SOLD OUT
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 84 ?X?
024 Junior Lithograph 2,300 SOLD OUT
025 Last Glance Lithograph 250 SOLD OUT
026 Late Afternoon Pheasants Lithograph 350 SOLD OUT
028 Lone Wolf Giclée Paper 500 ? ?X?
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 ? ?X?
073 Maybe Next Year Lithograph 500 60 $100.00
029 Midnight Trio Lithograph 850 6 $250.00
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 ? ?X?
080 Midnight Wolf Giclée Paper 500 ? ?X?
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 ? ?X?
031 Morning Miss Giclée Paper 500 ? ?X?
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 ? ?X?
032 Morning Chill Giclée Paper 300 ? ?X?
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 50 ? ?X?
033 No Tresspassing Lithograph 500 192 $60.00
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 50 43 ?X?
034 October Hunt Lithograph 500 SOLD OUT
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 89 ?X?
035 On Alert Lithograph 350 SOLD OUT
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 50 ? ?X?
036 Open Invitation Giclée Paper 500 ? ?X?
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 ? ?X?
037 Pocket Full of Treasures Lithograph 2,100 SOLD OUT
038 Pond Pals Lithograph 2,300 SOLD OUT
Artist's Proofs Lithograph 210 27 $250.00
077 Sky Watcher Lithograph ? 83 $250.00
074 Standing Guard Lithograph 750 SOLD OUT
041 Stone Fence Pheasants Lithograph 850 SOLD OUT
075 Tension at Dawn Lithograph 500 SOLD OUT
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 ? ?X?
042 The Deer Hunters Lithograph 950 557 $95.00
043 The Duck Hunter Lithograph 950 500 $125.00
Giclée Canvas Reproduction 100 ? ?X?
044 The Golden Years Lithograph 650 SOLD OUT
Giclée Canvas Reproduction ? ? ?X?
045 The Loading Dock Lithograph 1200 SOLD OUT
046 The Old Cultivatot Lithograph 350 SOLD OUT
047 The Trader Lithograph 350 SOLD OUT
048 The Voyagers Lithograph 1800 SOLD OUT
078 Wet Behind the Years Lithograph 1500 SOLD OUT

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