Graduations 2002/3

I specialize in outdoor portraits and do no studio work. Choice of location is yours and reasonable travel is included in the package price. Basic rate is $75.00, plus processing. It includes the following:

For an additional $10.00, I will have them processed with a photo CD. This is highly reccomended for taking advantage of digital editing services and for Internet sharing.

Negatives become your property after being processed and prints are organized in the proof book. Processing is charged at the lab's rate, approximately $10.00/24 exposure roll. I can also have your photos put onto photo CD for an additional $10.00 at the time of processing. This will allow for the best retouching capabilities. I recommend this service if you think you may want it. I can put the retouched file onto CD disk from which your photofinisher can print or you can use the Kodak machines that are available in connection to many photo departments. Photo retouching will be billed at $10.00/hour ($10.00 minimum per package which includes the CD transfer), most minor changes don't take too much time. I can remove most blemishes and scars, lighten shadows, etc.

My initial price may be higher than some studios sitting fees but once the package is completed, the negatives and CDs are yours and you will not have to pay high prices for prints. Plus, choice of location is yours. With possession of the negatives, you will be able to share your photos with as many friends and family members as you wish. I recommend using a good 1-hour photo lab for the best quality work. Book a sitting with a friend at the same location/time and each of you will receive a $10.00 discount.

I routinely post portraits online and in my personal portfolio. If this is a problem, please let me know. Your photos will not be used for any other purpose without your written consent. Portrait fees must be paid in full when proofs are picked up or delivered. Please feel free to contact me for your other family, pet, real estate, or other location event photography needs.

Robin Van Zeeland

Thank you!

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